Red love


Happiness is you 

I told you every time 

You believed I was a kid 

When I told you…

You are the bird 

In this cage of limelight
Don’t blame me for not loving you enough 

You know I loved you more than “much”

It seems you wanted to move on with our old school love 

How could I have let you walk.. More

The path where I wasn’t the last milestone
It was a promise made from the heart

I could not stand the sight of it breaking apart 

You were my last rock I had

And I never was ready to give it up for another

Like I had in the past waves
This world is so cruel 

Made you think of what you shouldn’t 

They called me witch, 

To kill people with whomever I live. 

It’s not true, you shouldn’t have believed. 

I just make everyone sleep 

In my closet, so no one can ever leave
I had had enough of all chanting my name 

Dragged in the street dirt

No one understands and they never will

To be hurt but the couch that eased your first pain

My heart bleeds for you and its all because of you

So it’s destiny you had to bleed the same or other way 
Tell me, you are happy 

Happy to live now, forever with me 

You don’t have to walk or to move my jelly bean 

I will make your hairs 

I will Stitch your broken skin
The cold wind blows in ur absence, 

They remind me of ur sweet kisses,

All seems like total nonsense

As I lay in our wake and reminisce,

I still feel your warmth as the cold sets in,

Comforting me for one last eternal moment.

Our love finally married forever revenant. 

As I punctuate my level of commitment.
Your red blood is thicker 

Thicker than the people I lived 

It’s so smooth, paper looks so clean 

Once I finished, I promise I will show you my jelly bean 
You know how much I love you 

Still you tried to run 

Now it’s time for punishment 

Just a little more blood 

Then there will be no suffering 

You will fit with others hun 

No one is ever leaving 

It’s my house and my gun.
Tick tock tick 

Waiting for the next one to come.. 
* Ding dong 

Hello mag,  I listened your guy left you.  I am so sorry, you were alone.* 
It’s okay, now you are here 

And you will never leave




Love us like the wings of a bird,

Share a seat or a moment,

Find the truth of happiness,

With every smile and every word that cuts away your weaknesses.
Step into our world of wonder,

Run around and hear no thunder,

The sun will rise and set like it does,

It’s universal but there’s not a single alarm buzz.
In our world you’ll see what you want,

It’s like limbo, once in you can’t step out,

Up and up we will go,

To happy lands where you’ll never hear the word- “no”!
Remember the darkest nights in your world,

Take my hand and it’s all gone in a seconds twirl,

Stay forever in a place so fine,

Perfect to live in with a perfect assign.
Come with me I’ll take you and keep you close,

Give you a better look and get rid of your foes, 

Watch carefully at all the happy people,

For they can never be awful.
One step and a hand far away you stand,

Look into my eyes and see the land,

Leave all the darkness behind and thrive,

For all that’s sweeter than honey from a bee hive.
Because all you needed in life was change,

Change your fate and in exchange,

All you need to do is sign this contract with a prick on your hand,

Then off you go to wonderland.

Without you 


There’s a song left to sing

From a heart that worships you

There’s some words left to say

From a soul lost without you

But remember me in your thoughts 

before the sun sets in my life,

Cause these rainbows won’t stay for too long

Before time washes my songs by it’s tragic waves

Call me by my name

I’ll be patient with this pain

Until it takes me away forever.
I sound like a broken bell does

Your absence sinks my sail

My passion, my dream, my destination is


Death is but a painful beauty



I’m hoping this is just insanity 



But my brain contains no certainty

I wanted you a part of this rhyme

But we’re running out of time

Let’s go before I commit a crime.



There’s a crack in my smile a hole in my grin

You can see it if you look closely

The front seeming thin

I’m okay, anyway at least mostly.
The tears aren’t ever shed

I keep them safely within 

The pain won’t be let out of my head

That would be letting my heart win
I’m alright, I’m okay, I’m fine

No need to worry

I’m just hiding 

Just because 


Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t make me pathetic.

Just because I’m really close with my friends that are girls, doesn’t make me gay.

Just because I’m smart, doesn’t make me a nerd.

Just because I’m shy, doesn’t mean I can’t talk.

Just because I’m small, doesn’t mean I’m not big at heart.

Just because I’m skinny, doesn’t mean I’m anorexic.

Just because I’m beautiful, doesn’t mean I’m a slut.

Just because I believe, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Just because I’m me, doesn’t mean I’m any less more privileged or admired or inspired or creative or amazing as all the rest of you.

Just because some people don’t care . . .
Know that you are worth it.

Watch it leave


It’s the first time you watch

The thing you’ve done you’re entire life 

Just slipped away

In front of your very eyes
You shake

Because it was there just yesterday! 

Why is it gone today? 
So you try again the next day

It’s back again! 

You trick your mind to thinking 

Yesterday was a dream, and everything is fine.
Two days later

Then you realise that you

That your lifestyle 

Only now comes and goes

You’re scared

You shake

And try to find another way

But nothing is quite the same
It doesn’t feel right.

It’s scary like this



You cry as you watch it leave for good



I am nothing,

I have nothing.

I’m just a shadow,

I don’t really exist.

I’m just the thing that shows up,

When there is nothing left, I am a gap.
An illusion,

Non existing.
They say “Prepare his execution,”

Why bother? It is definite.

I never had a beginning,

I am finite.

I never started living.